Wednesday, 11 July 2012


Well, we're VERY pleased with our new poster which was hand drawn by the massively talented Fergus Kinghan! It reminds us of those beautiful old absinthe posters from the '20s but with a modern twist…

In other news, it seems that Cakewalk is becoming something of a celebrity magnet. We were pretty chuffed to get legends on the London music scene Natty Bo and Harry Potter/Game of Thrones star Natalia Tena's band Molotov Jukebox down, and now it seems that The Libertines want in on the action - both Carl Barat and Pete Doherty have been spotted in the last couple of weeks! Actually, it seems like Passing Clouds had an inspiring effect on Pete - he checked into rehab the very next day promising to clean his act up! Hooray for the healing powers of the Clouds!

So get yourself down here at the first opportunity. You never know what might happen: you might meet a movie star, fall in love, or have a metaphysical realisation. It's all possible at Passing Clouds……

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