Wednesday, 11 July 2012


Well, we're VERY pleased with our new poster which was hand drawn by the massively talented Fergus Kinghan! It reminds us of those beautiful old absinthe posters from the '20s but with a modern twist…

In other news, it seems that Cakewalk is becoming something of a celebrity magnet. We were pretty chuffed to get legends on the London music scene Natty Bo and Harry Potter/Game of Thrones star Natalia Tena's band Molotov Jukebox down, and now it seems that The Libertines want in on the action - both Carl Barat and Pete Doherty have been spotted in the last couple of weeks! Actually, it seems like Passing Clouds had an inspiring effect on Pete - he checked into rehab the very next day promising to clean his act up! Hooray for the healing powers of the Clouds!

So get yourself down here at the first opportunity. You never know what might happen: you might meet a movie star, fall in love, or have a metaphysical realisation. It's all possible at Passing Clouds……

Wednesday, 4 April 2012


We're excited to announce that the fabulous JUMP SEVEN are making their Cakewalk Café debut tonight (4th April)! These wonderful guys and gals will be bringing a bit of a change of pace to this Wednesday night, with a full on JIVE AND SWING repertoire a la the great LOUIS JORDAN!

It's dance music from the 40s and 50s... jazz before rock and roll. Swing with blues. Latin too! Music to have fun by.

After Duke Ellington and Count Basie, Louis Jordan was the most popular band leader of the late swing era and was known as 'King of The Juke Box' for his swinging, up-tempo, dance-oriented hybrid of jazz, blues and boogie-woogie.

The band will be doing a warm-up set at around 8pm upstairs, their main set downstairs at 9:30 AND hosting a late night jam session! Phew! Check out their website, slick back your hair, and swing on down daddios!

£3 entry or FREE for those attending the dance class downstairs.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

The Return Of Albert Ball's Flying Aces

Albert Ball's Flying Aces, led by the deliciously charming Nicholas D. Ball, make a welcome return to The Cakewalk Café tonight!

Albert Ball’s Flying Aces was originally formed in 1916 by the aviators of 266 Squadron RFC. To relieve the stress and horror of their daily aerial dog-fights high above the trenches, they used to gather in the evenings to play then-popular music on whatever instruments they could find, naming themselves after a famous airman of the time. Having settled in Paris following the 1918 Armistice, they now use their music and their wartime experiences to try to bring peace and understanding to a 1920s world, performing a wide repertoire ranging through naive 1910s pop songs, very early ragtime, the 'heroic age' of jazz and blues, French and German polkas and chansons, faux-exotic dance numbers and laments, Great War propaganda songs, music hall rabble-rousers and sentimental ballads - music which epitomises the spirit of that lost generation, resolutely jaunty and upbeat in the face of terrible loss and adversity.

[...In reality, Albert Ball’s Flying Aces was actually formed in 2008 by Bristolian percussionist/vocalist Nicholas D. Ball, who conceived the novel idea of a band portraying a group of ex-RFC airmen performing authentic music themed around the Great War. Since then the band has worked intensively in and around the capital, performing in several festivals and a roster of prestigious venues, including the Forge, the Vortex; Passing Clouds, the Hospital Club, The Experimental Cocktail Club and the Candlelight Club; featuring in a number of national and local newspapers, radio broadcasts, magazines and websites, and becoming a mainstay act within the very popular ‘vintage’ scene, winning acclaim for their authenticity, energy and humour.]

Come down from 7pm to soak up the vintage vibes. £3 or FREE for those attending the Swing Patrol dance classes!

Thursday, 19 January 2012


The Basin Street Brawlers, led by the hugely talented Pete Horsfall, return to The Cakewalk Café for a night of live hot jazz and a late-night jam session!

Pete Horsfall studied at The Royal Academy of Music and is considered the trumpet player's trumpet player. His extraordinary talent and delicate charm always bring The Cakewalk Café an extra je ne sais quoi.

The Cakewalk Cafe at Passing Clouds is a step through life’s looking glass into the gin-soaked dancehalls of the prohibition age. From hot jazz to swing, ragtime to musichall, it’s all here, jumbled up like an old-time jamboree.

Please dress to swing!


£3 or FREE ENTRY to those attending the Swing Patrol dance classes downstairs (see for details and prices)