Saturday, 17 December 2011


This Wednesday 21st December, join Ewan Bleach and a host of shmokin' jazz maestros for an extra special, extra late Cakewalk Café festive party!

If you are into your swing and into your swing-dancing, then put everything else on hold and get down to Passing Clouds. A huge scene is rapidly growing under the banner of The Cakewalk Café and the intuitive genius of rising sax/clarinet/piano star Ewan Bleach as he magnetically attracts a continual turn over of exceptional vintage jazz musicians.

To celebrate the festive season we're opening BOTH floors and bringing in extra musicians, singers, cabaret artists and DJs to be announced soon. There will also be yummy vegetarian festive food available:

***Chestnut, port and thyme strudel with seasonal vegetables and gravy £4.50 per plate

***Mince pies/egg nog cup cakes 60p/£1 for two

There's also an open mic after the band PLUS our finest TEAPOT OF WINE for the BEST DANCING COUPLE AND THE BEST DRESSED! Check out the official Cakewalk Café video for some inspiration:

From 7pm SWING PATROL host classes downstairs - visit their site for full details:


ONLY £3 or FREE for those attending the dance classes!!!

Thursday, 20 October 2011


Well oh my goodness, if the legend that is NATTY BO wasn't in the Cakewalk house last night!!! A charming fellow who graced us with his wondrous presence, his mighty fine swing dancing moves, and several songs to boot! Yes, we have a bit of a crush and we don't care who knows it. Come back sooooon Natty!!! And make sure you hot-foot it down on a Wednesday night - with the likes of Natty, Molotov Jukebox and The Strokes popping down, you never know who'll be on the open mic next… xxx